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Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink
Headrest for car seat - pink

Headrest for car seat - pink

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Headrest For Children is designed to hold your child's head while sleeping in the car for proper neck alignment and avoid discomfort and injury. While sleeping in the car, children frequently fall head-on or side-by-side, which can lead to shoulder and neck pain, as well as more serious injuries caused by sudden car movements.

Headrest For Children it is easily attached to the car seat as well as to the special car seats for children with adjustable straps. While the baby is awake the head strap can easily be lifted over the head so as not to disturb. When the baby is asleep, all you have to do is move the head strap to the lower position, parallel to the child's head to prevent head movement during sleep.

The head strap can be easily moved to the lower position using only two fingers, by the person next to it. Being very easy to use, even children will be able to quickly learn how to use the Headrest Car Seat for Kids.

To find out how the Headrest Car Seat for Kids works, watch the video below:

  • Full protection during sleep
  • SURE.
  • FLEXIBLE. Adjustable head support
  • Ergonomics.

  • Material: premium polyester and cotton
  • Size: approx. 47 x 14cm
  • Weight: approx. 160g
  • Age group: 1 year or more
  • Available colors: pink and blue

  • Headrest For Children Keeps the baby's head upright during sleep, preventing neck tension and injury. Also, your child will benefit from a quiet sleep without the discomfort caused by sleeping in incorrect positions.

  • With the help of the Head Support for Children you will be able to drive safely without being distracted repeatedly by the need to check the position of the child.
  • In the case of sudden movements of the car, the head strap will be slightly extended to allow natural head movement. Also, the support does not in any way alter the functionality of the car seat, as well as of any car seat for children

  • The headrest is adjustable, with extended straps and an adjustable buckle for easy attachment to the car seat. It can also be adjusted for any size of the head, from babies to adults.
  • Headrest for Children is suitable for all types of car seats, as well as car seats for children with front or rear position.
  • It's made from a soft blend of polyester and cotton that offers breathability and increased comfort to give your baby a restful sleep. It is also machine washable for proper effortless hygiene.
  • It fits on any car seat in less than a minute due to the adjustable straps so you can take it with you no matter what car you are traveling in.

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